Value - Business Rules to be further implemented

1. Should we maintain a document/transaction status.

Not Posted
Not Balanced
Not Convertible
Period Closed
Invalid Account

2. Rules to handle Business Exceptions:

Unallocated Cash
Invoice Discount
Invoice Write off
Example (to handle receipts for A/C Receivable):
Unallocated Cash Dr Allocation Amount
Payment Discount Dr Discount Amount
Write Off Dr Write-Off Amount
Tax Due Dr Tax Correction
Realized Loss Dr Loss Amt
Realized Gain Cr Gain Amt
Receivables Cr Invoice Amount

Unallocated Cash, Receivables - from Customer Payment
Discount, Write-Off, Realized Gain/Loss - from BP
Group Tax Due - from Invoice Tax

Bank In Transit Dr PaymentAmt
Unallocated Cash Cr PaymentAmt

Accounts Payable
AP Payment Selection (Allocation of invoices)
Payables Dr Invoice Amount
Discount Cr Discount
Tax Credit Cr Tax Amt Realized
Loss Dr Loss Amount
Realized Gain Cr Gain Amount
Payment Selection Cr Payment Amt

Bank Reconciliation
Bank Interest Receivable
Bank Interest Payable

BankAsset   Dr/Cr
Bank In Transit   Cr/Dr
Bank Charge   Dr
Bank Interest   Dr/Cr

Inventory Difference
Vendor Shipments
Warehouse Inventory Dr Production Cost
Un Invoiced Receipts Cr Production Cost

Physical Inventory
Inventory Dr/Cr
Differences Dr/Cr

For Standard Costing
Un Invoiced Receipts Dr Standard Cost
Product Cost Cr Invoice Amountt

For Actual Costing
Un Invoiced Receipts Dr Product Cost
Product Cost Cr Invoice Amount
Invoice Adjustment Dr/Cr Difference

3. Multicurrency Issues